Review of Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s Participation Processes


The Department contracted the University of Victoria Institute for Dispute Resolution to conduct an independent public review of its consultation and decision making processes. Pacific Resolutions Directors and Associates provided project management and facilitation support to the initiative and drafted the final report and recommendations.

UN Mediation Standby Team


Member of UN Mediation Support Unit Mediation Stand-by Team. Responsible for assisting with the design and implementation of mediation processes supported by the UN. Principle focus is issues related to transboundary waters in addition to general mediation process design advice. Contract extended beyond the end of the Standby team mandate (April 2009) to December 2009 in order to continue to work with the MSU on a standby basis.

St’at’imc Province of BC Protocol Implementation


Pacific Resolutions assisted in the development of a mutually acceptable approach and principles to resolving land and resource issues between the St’at’imc Nation and the Provincial Government. Multiple agreements and functional working relationships were developed. Ultimately negotiations resulted in a milestone agreement which included a land use plan decision, economic measures and a collaborative decision making process.

Joint Use Agreement Between Tourism Operations


Expansion of backcountry tourism operations in all regions of the province of BC is resulting in increasing conflicts between different types of tourism activities. Operators are required to develop joint use agreements to increase compatibility and sustainability where operations overlap. Pacific Resolutions was retained to mediate joint use agreements among highly conflicted heli-ski and backcountry ski operations in Golden, among snowmobile operations in Revelstoke, and among heli-ski companies, a cat-ski operation, a hunting guide operation and seven snowmobile operations in the Whistler area. Each of these negotiation processes resulted in agreement.

Canadian Roundtable on Social Responsibility and Canadian Extractive Industries Operating in Third World Countries


The Rountable consists of representatives of eight federal government agencies, academia, civil society and the extractive industries (mining industry, mineral exploration industry and oil and gas). Public meetings, facilitated by Pacific Resolutions, were conducted in which the Roundtable heard submissions from over 160 persons.

Coastal and Interior Joint Review of Timber Harvesting Contracts and Subcontracts Regulation


Forest Industry Associations, the IWA-Canada, and Contract Loggers’ Associations developed consensus recommendations, with the assistance of Pacific Resolutions, to amend to the Timber Harvesting Contract and Subcontract Regulation. These recommendations were adopted by the Provincial Government and the regulation was amended accordingly.

Community Sustainability and Mining in Southeastern Venezuela


With support from Business Partners for Development, Placerdome Inc. engaged in consensus building activities at the community level in southeastern Venzuela. Key issues and initiatives included improvements to health care services and facilities development, domestic water supply in local communities and ongoing relations with the small mining operators. The negotiations resulted in agreements involving seven aboriginal and criollio communities, three levels of government, the military, a US based Foundation and Placerdome.