Okanagan Reservoir Lakes


Pacific Resolutions was retained to provide faciliation support to the resolution of issues associated with the conversion of recreational leaseholds to private lands on high elevation reservoir lakes in the Okanagan.

East Kootenay Strategic Trench Plan Scoping


The Integrated Land Management Bureau retained Pacific Resolutions to assist conflicted recreation stakeholder groups in developing agreed upon recommendations for coordinating planning initiatives in the Rocky Mountain Trench of the East Kootenays. The stakeholders reached agreement on the recommendations after two months of negotiations.

Cranbrook West Recreation Management Strategy


Severe conflict between motorized recreation groups and non-motorized recreation and environmental groups was undermining the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management’s ability to conduct a planning process. More than 20 representatives of recreation and environmental groups, local government and provincial agencies participated in a mediated process to agree on a Recreation Management Strategy.

Joint Use Agreement Between Tourism Operations


Expansion of backcountry tourism operations in all regions of the province of BC is resulting in increasing conflicts between different types of tourism activities. Operators are required to develop joint use agreements to increase compatibility and sustainability where operations overlap. Pacific Resolutions was retained to mediate joint use agreements among highly conflicted heli-ski and backcountry ski operations in Golden, among snowmobile operations in Revelstoke, and among heli-ski companies, a cat-ski operation, a hunting guide operation and seven snowmobile operations in the Whistler area. Each of these negotiation processes resulted in agreement.

Commercial Recreation Tenure Negotiations


The relationship between the Purcell Wilderness Lodge and Purcell Heli-skiing had reached the highly acrimonious stage due to a longstanding dispute over overlapping operating areas. Pacific Resolutions mediated an agreement that resolved the dispute and separated the operations.

Heli-ski Snowmobile Conflicts


Heli-skiers and snowmobilers are increasingly coming into conflict in eastern BC as a result of improved access and technological improvements to snowmobiles. Both activities support substantial business investments and opportunities as well as millions of dollars in local and provincial economic benefits. The conflicts undermine the quality of these different recreational experiences and threaten the sustainability of the related businesses and economy. The Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management retained Pacific Resolutions to mediate discussions between two major heliski operators and snowmobile representatives from Valemount. The mediation resulted in a comprehensive agreement between the parties which provides for spatial separation of the activities and joint investment in a Community Development Corporation to help develop the snowmobile industry in Valemount.

Nam Chuen Watershed Planning Project – Thailand


Retained by the CIDA NREM project to provide facilitation support and technical planning advice to a multi-stakeholder strategic planning process for the Nam Chuen watershed in northeast Thailand. Primary issues included forest encroachment and degradation of a National Park, lack of land title and poverty. Consensus on the plan was developed in September of 1998.