BC Hydro Electricity Conservation and Efficiency Committee


This initiative consists of a facilitated 24 person advisory committee convened to advise BC Hydro on electricity conservation and efficiency measures. It is anticipated that one third of the expected 25 to 45 percent increase in electricity demand in BC will have to be met through conservation and efficiency. Pacific Resolutions is facilitating this committee on an ongoing basis.

Canadian Roundtable on Social Responsibility and Canadian Extractive Industries Operating in Third World Countries


The Rountable consists of representatives of eight federal government agencies, academia, civil society and the extractive industries (mining industry, mineral exploration industry and oil and gas). Public meetings, facilitated by Pacific Resolutions, were conducted in which the Roundtable heard submissions from over 160 persons.

Community Sustainability and Mining in Southeastern Venezuela


With support from Business Partners for Development, Placerdome Inc. engaged in consensus building activities at the community level in southeastern Venzuela. Key issues and initiatives included improvements to health care services and facilities development, domestic water supply in local communities and ongoing relations with the small mining operators. The negotiations resulted in agreements involving seven aboriginal and criollio communities, three levels of government, the military, a US based Foundation and Placerdome.

Whitehorse Mining Initiative


The Whitehorse Mining Initiative is a national mining strategy developed through a complex multy-party participation process that involved senior executive representation from the private and public sector as well as NGO leaders and Members of Parliament. The strategy was developed by consensus through intensively facilitated dialogue.

British Columbia Advisory Council on Mining


This initiative consisted of senior representatives from the mining industry, the environmental community, the labor community, the academic community and the Minister, Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister (Mineral Resources) of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. The mandate of the Council was to oversee the implementation of the Whitehorse Mining Initiative Accord in British Columbia and to address issues which may arise among stakeholder groups with respect to mining in British Columbia. Pacific Resolutions was retained to provide strategic and process advice with respect to convening the Council, serve as an independent Chairperson of the Council and mediate and faciliate Council disussions.

Myanmar Thailand Natural Gas Pipeline


A consortium of Government Energy Agencies and private Corporations constructed a natural Gas Pipeline from the coast of Myanmar to Thailand to deliver gas to a new gas plant in Thailand. Construction of the pipeline raised a number of issues including allegations of human rights abuses in Myanmar, environmental impacts at various locations, and local community impacts within Thailand. Protests against the completion of the pipeline were staged in Thailand. In an effort to initiate a collaborative effort to resolve key issues in Thailand, a representative of the Senate requested that the Khon Kaen Institute for Dispute Resolution meet with the various parties. The Director of the Institute requested that Pacific Resolutions join the mediation team to provide strategic advice. The Petroleum Authority of Thailand subsequently contracted the Team to convene a cooperative negotiation process amongst all parties.

Tri-Sector Partnership Training Program


Business Partners for Development is a consortium on international organizations dedicated to fostering constructive partnerships between civil society, governments and mining and oil and gas companies (BPD includes CARE, UK Aid, World Bank, several Min ing and Oil and Gas Companies). Pacific Resolutions was retained by BPD to assist with the development and delivery of a partnership training program to enhance the capacity of potential partners to build and maintain partnerships. This is a clinic based program that delivers assessment, consultation, consensus building, and management skills in the field.