International Projects

Columbia River Treaty


Retained by Ministry of Mines to provide advice and facilitation and negotiation support to the Columbia Treaty Review process and related dialogue between the Treaty Entities and engagement of First Nations, the US Sovereigns, and stakeholders in both Canada and the US.

UN Mediation Standby Team


Member of UN Mediation Support Unit Mediation Stand-by Team. Responsible for assisting with the design and implementation of mediation processes supported by the UN. Principle focus is issues related to transboundary waters in addition to general mediation process design advice. Contract extended beyond the end of the Standby team mandate (April 2009) to December 2009 in order to continue to work with the MSU on a standby basis.

Conflict management Training for the Nile Basin Initiative


Retained by the Nile Basin Initiative and SNC Lavalin to develop and deliver a training program on conflict management to representatives of the Nile Basin countries. The interactive skills based program addressed macro and micro conflict management, the international legal context, mediation and facilitation using hypothetical simulations, real case studies and role plays. Participant evaluation of the program was very high; exceeding 85% approval of the content and delivery.

Strategic Plan for Canadian Governance Assistance to the Iraqi Marshlands

(September 2006)

The Iraqi marshlands were substantially drained and poisoned by the previous regime in Iraq resulting in the devastation of the marshland ecosystems and the Marshland Arab communities that depend upon them. Subsequent assistance from Canada and other Nations has supported restoration of the marshlands and the marshland communities. Further restoration work is required particularly in the area of governance. Alex Grzybowski along with several other Canadian experts was retained by CIDA to meet with 75 Iraqi officials in Amman Jordan to develop a strategy for Canadian support in the governance area. This 4 day session generated a consensus based plan for Canadian investment in governance in the region. Alex Grzybowski played an instrumental role in facilitating the development of the plan along with several other Canadian facilitators and governance experts.

Community Sustainability and Mining in Southeastern Venezuela


With support from Business Partners for Development, Placerdome Inc. engaged in consensus building activities at the community level in southeastern Venzuela. Key issues and initiatives included improvements to health care services and facilities development, domestic water supply in local communities and ongoing relations with the small mining operators. The negotiations resulted in agreements involving seven aboriginal and criollio communities, three levels of government, the military, a US based Foundation and Placerdome.

Bangkok Metropolitan Police Training

Public demonstrations over public policy issues are common in Thailand. Many of these protests are staged in Bangkok – the center of political and administrative power in the country. The Bangkok Metropolitan Police are often on the frontline responding to these conflict situations. After several senior members of the force responsible for riot control attended conflict management training sessions delivered by Pacific Resolutions in association with Khon Kaen Institute for Dispute Resolution, they requested that the training team deliver the program to all 120 police chiefs in Bangkok. The course material was supplemented with information on approaches used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in responding to hostage taking and barricade incidents. The BKK Police Chiefs worked through the program using real cases that they have been involved in.

Cambodia Human Rights Committee Training

The Cambodia Human Rights Committee requested that Pacific Resolutions develop and deliver a training program on complaint investigation, non-adjudicative dispute resolution, Ombudsmanship and land policy development. The Team consisted of experts in the field from British Columbia and Alberta including Stephen Owen, Member of Parliament, Minister of Public Works and past Deputy Attorney General and Ombudsman for British Columbia, and Harley Johnson past Ombudsmen for Alberta. Pacific Resolutions developed and managed the project and assisted with the dispute resolution component of the training. This project was sponsored by the CIDA Southeast Asia Fund for Institutional and Legal Development.