Review of Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s Participation Processes


The Department contracted the University of Victoria Institute for Dispute Resolution to conduct an independent public review of its consultation and decision making processes. Pacific Resolutions Directors and Associates provided project management and facilitation support to the initiative and drafted the final report and recommendations.

North American Council on Environmental Cooperation


Under the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, Factual Records can be prepared to investigate the effectiveness of the environmental law enforcement practices by of the countries that are signatory to the Agreement (Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico). Pacific Resolutions was retained to assist the Commission secretariat with the preparation of a Factual Record on allegations that the Canadian Fisheries Act has not been effectively enforced in cases where a provincial Hydro Corporation has allegedly violated the Act. This investigation required consultation with representatives of Canada , the Provincial Government, the submitting parties, experts in the field, the Hydro Corporation and other relevant stakeholders.