Columbia River Treaty


Retained by Ministry of Mines to provide advice and facilitation and negotiation support to the Columbia Treaty Review process and related dialogue between the Treaty Entities and engagement of First Nations, the US Sovereigns, and stakeholders in both Canada and the US.

UN Mediation Standby Team


Member of UN Mediation Support Unit Mediation Stand-by Team. Responsible for assisting with the design and implementation of mediation processes supported by the UN. Principle focus is issues related to transboundary waters in addition to general mediation process design advice. Contract extended beyond the end of the Standby team mandate (April 2009) to December 2009 in order to continue to work with the MSU on a standby basis.

Ecosystem Based Management Working Group Director

(2007- Present)

Alex Grzybowski was retained by the Provincial Government and multiple coastal First Nations (Aboriginal peoples) to facilitate and lead a team of representatives of provincial agencies, First Nations, Environmental Groups, communities, and forest companies mandated to provide information and recommendations on the implementation of EBM on the central and north coast of British Columbia (“Great Bear Rainforest”).

Integrated Land Management Bureau and Wet’suwet’en First Nation Consultation Framework


Alex Grzybowski was retained by ILMB and the Wet’suwet’en Nation to facilitate negotiation of a mutually acceptable process for fulfilling the legal obligations related to Aboriginal Rights and Title which may be affected by decisions taken under the provincial Land Act. The process has been agreed to at the negotiator level and is now undergoing further internal review.

Integrated Land Management Bureau and Hupacasath First Nation Protocol and Issue Resolution Process

(2006 to 2007)

Alex Grzybowski was retained by both ILMB and the Hupacasath Nation to facilitate negotiation of the terms of a Protocol for effective working relations between the Nation and the agency and the steps in a pragmatic process for resolving critical land and resource use issues. The Protocol terms have been agreed to as have the steps in the process.

St’at’imc Province of BC Protocol Implementation


Pacific Resolutions assisted in the development of a mutually acceptable approach and principles to resolving land and resource issues between the St’at’imc Nation and the Provincial Government. Multiple agreements and functional working relationships were developed. Ultimately negotiations resulted in a milestone agreement which included a land use plan decision, economic measures and a collaborative decision making process.

Conflict management Training for the Nile Basin Initiative


Retained by the Nile Basin Initiative and SNC Lavalin to develop and deliver a training program on conflict management to representatives of the Nile Basin countries. The interactive skills based program addressed macro and micro conflict management, the international legal context, mediation and facilitation using hypothetical simulations, real case studies and role plays. Participant evaluation of the program was very high; exceeding 85% approval of the content and delivery.